Though the subject of Carbon 60 is quite new to many, various studies about this have displayed promising outcomes disclosing that when it’s used on rats, this oil can intensely help to increase their lifespan by a whopping 90 percent. However, what is C60? If you wish to know more about this, read this article. 

Introduction to Carbon 60 

Buckyballs, buckminsterfullerene, or mostly known as Carbon 60 are a potent antioxidant, which can affect unsaturated fats. Moreover, C60 can aid in eliminating the cellular metabolism’s byproduct—recognized as superoxide—which has become the most common underlying cause of several illnesses experienced by humans. According to certified researchers, c60 can also prolong and enhance the overall immunity of one’s body, while it strengthens it from the inside. Below is a list of the promising c60 benefits that this antioxidant can provide to our health and bodies: 

Health benefits of Carbon 60 

  • Boosts cellular health 

Compared to some antioxidants, carbon 60 optimally works more. Plus, it keeps the cells from oxidative stress, which is the major cause behind premature aging. Moreover, it improves the electricity flow via your nervous system. As a result, c60 can also help in enhancing your condition.  

  • Helps in stopping inflammation 

With the help of experiments, it’s been proven that those athletes who take C60 supplements can ease the soreness of their muscle, determined as DOMS significantly. Simultaneously, c60 supplements can help in neutralizing the harm caused by carbon 60, which can particularly improve endurance and performance in athletes. Since c60 is naturally water-soluble, it can ease bones breakdown because of osteoarthritis and inflammation. 

  • Boosts your metabolism and helps combat obesity 

Carbon 60 is a great antioxidant that’s renowned to be able to keep the fat cells from becoming bigger. Plus, it keeps your cells from becoming resistant to insulin. Consequently, your metabolic rate will still be adequately high to keep your body fit, energetic, and healthy.  

  • Upholds your nervous system 

This antioxidant can help avoid nerve cells from self-damaging, which is one of the common causes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Based on studies, C60 plays a huge part in treating patients with this specific disease.  

  • Helps to remove viruses from your system 

A lot of studies today have been conclusively proven that carbon 60 can actually deactivate the viruses from mosquitoes. Until now, there are still ongoing studies done to determine if this particular effect can also be observed and can be used on other viruses as well.  

  • Provides a wall against free radicals 

One of the reasons for irreparable damage is due to free radicals as they annihilate the molecules within our bodies. But, carbon 60 is a great antioxidant that’s recognized to be 172x more potent if compared to vit. C that aids bind molecules as one.  

Keep in mind that carbon 60 is usually known as the “fountain of youth” since it can make your body feel stronger, healthier, and younger. Grab one today to secure one or more for yourself.